Construction works as basic activity of the company "Ratko Mitrović Construction" d.o.o. are largely supported by the production part of the company which makes possible for faster and more efficient project execution and quality improvement of the services supplied. Apart from satisfying our own needs we are in position to offer wide product range to third parties and meet their needs and requirements. This part of the company is divided into separate production units such as:

  • Production and distribution of concrete
  • Production and sales of pre-fabricated concrete elements
  • Reinforcement processing
  • Production of pre-fabricated and semi-fabricated concrete elements

Pre-faricated concrete elements (PDF - 202KB)


In our concrete production unit we use two concrete plants with capacities up to 25m3. We have skilled and trained operators as well as wide experience in production of all types of concrete including the concrete with high compressive strength. We would especially emphasize the quality we achieve in production of special types of concrete where its high quality properties are attained by adding adequate concrete admixtures (ex. for quick setting, for frost resistance, for water-tightness).

We have our own laboratory for production control and testing products in cooperation with and under surveillance of the Institute for testing materials (IMS) from Belgrade.

For transferring concrete we use three truck mixers with capacities up to 6m3/h (horizontal transport) and one truck-mounted boom pump with capacity up to 60m3/h for pumping (vertical transport).


We have developed wide range of concrete products both for our own and third parties’ needs. All our products are tested and certified by the Institute for testing materials (IMS) from Belgrade. We also manufacture concrete elements upon the customer’s design.

This product range includes the following

  • Concrete building blocks
  • Paving and water drainage concrete elements
  • Curb stones
  • Concrete ventilation elements


Reinforcement plant is equipped with machines for straightening, bending, and cutting reinforcing bars and they are operated by experienced workers. We process both smooth and corrugated reinforcement. Our top skilled reinforcement workers are trained for mounting reinforcement of construction elements both in plant and on building site.


It is generally known that prefabricated reinforced concrete structures are characterized by a good price and short construction time, as well as by top quality and low maintenance costs due to production technology By accepting this general opinion “Ratko Mitrović Construction” d.o.o. has developed its own production of pre-fabricated and semi-fabricated reinforced concrete elements, starting from the most simple elements such as semi-fabricated "fert" ceiling beams, through "omnia" ceiling slabs to complex construction elements such as piers, beams, etc.